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05 April 2010 @ 02:47 pm
I've been having Nino dreams lately. AGAIN.
Like what's with this guy seriously?
Why can't I have a decent Sho dream?
I don't get it.

The contents of the dreams were so short, it didn't last for 2 minutes I bet.

Like 3 or 4 days ago?
I dreamt that Nino said to the other guys, "From now on Atikah is my girfriend."
Plus, in front of the guy that I like! D:

Nino hugged me.
I could feel his warmth.
But I also felt guilty at the same time..


Only that it's me and Nino.
On a bed.

At this rate, if I'm in like Makino's character, then Sho is Hanazawa Rui and Nino is Doumyouji.
In the end we all know who Makino ends up with right?
So who will I end up with in the end?
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31 January 2010 @ 04:02 pm
Hello people in my friends list and all you other stalkers who don't like to comment.
I would like to introduce to you this awesome woman known as Est.
She turned 21 years old yesterday, 5 days after our #perfectbody turned 28 XD

Est is a freakingly great artist.

Which is also a reason why I approve of her and our awesome fisherman known as Ohno Satoshi.
I love her so much that I am reallllllllly looking forward to the day that she will have a collaboration with THAT ARTIST.

But you see,
Est has been asking me for my sketches too, except that my sketches are ugly.
And I sketch them with a mechanical pencil and ROUGH PAPER.
I USED to sketch when I get frustrated.
Now I go straight to Arashi when I get that feeling.
They cannot be compared to Est's beautiful artwork.

But Est does not accept that my sketches are ugly.
In fact she has been asking me to post them here for like, a year?

So, here you go Est :D
In order of year..
(Major picspam ahead.)

2006Collapse )

2007Collapse )

2008Collapse )

In 2009Collapse )

And the only picture so far for 2010Collapse )

I demand long and comments since it took me since 1pm to upload and add captions.
It is now 4pm.
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26 January 2010 @ 11:18 am
Because Wendy did this before :D

awesomelyplain  did this in her LJ and I got inspired to do the same XD
Most of these photos were taken a long time ago I think..
But got around to doing it only now XD

Photos of my school life.. I think.Collapse )
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08 January 2010 @ 03:12 pm

It's 2:30pm now.
I have until 6pm (I think) so I thought why not write out another part? :D
After which, I shall study.

Please note that ( ) = my thoughts at that moment and [ ] = my thoughts now, when I'm writing it.
[Sorry I didn't mention it earlier; I forgot.]

Directly continued from Part 5 Collapse )
Yeah. More suspense right?
I bet you guys are fidgeting to know what happened next? XD
Oh btw, did I tell you that Daiki was blonde at that time?
Blonde + Daiki = A bit weird I think.
3.15pm now. D:
Gotta study~

07 January 2010 @ 09:20 am
I'm in school.
The lecturer cancelled our class since many were stuck in the traffic jam and he wasted a lot of time waiting for them already.
So, here I am in the school's computer lab and..
Nino Dream Part 5Collapse )
Oh 9:17 am already!
Class starts at 10am, and I think I should studyyy ne?


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02 January 2010 @ 03:30 pm
Sho dream
This dream made me O.O the whole way through. It's only 1-2minutes long actually.
But due to my over-describing, I think it's a bit long?
Read at your own risk :DCollapse )
It ended there.
Think whatever you want.
23 December 2009 @ 10:18 pm
Nino Dream Part 4

(Cont'd directly from Part 1)
*Seen in the camera-man point of view*

*Both of them walking towards the exit of the set*
Camera-man: So how did you think went with today's recording?
Nino: Oh fine. It was perfect. All thanks to me :3

*hearing a badly-played NIJI in the background*
Nino: Ah! Is that.. ??
Camera-man: She plays it everyday before she leaves for home.
Nino: Sou? But it's so badly played..
Nino: *peaks out from behind a wall to see the person playing*

Me: Uwah.. Wrong~~~!!!!!!!
Nino: It IS wrong.
Me: *Jumped up from the seat* Bikkurishita~
Nino: Did you learn to play the piano?
Me: No.. I learnt from the internet..
Nino: Dame ka... Jya, you want me to teach you?
Me: Eh.. iindesuka?
Nino: Jya, put your hands on mine and I will play, so you will get to use the correct hand coordination. Currently your hands are all over the place; that's why you can't play the piano gently. Ready?
Me: *is very happy*
*plays Niji*

Me: Wow~ You're right~! [At this point, my impression of him changed greatly]
Nino: So if you keep practising like this, I think you should be able to get the hang of it, and Niji will be easy for you.
Me: Yeah I think so too.
Nino: So, *his right hand opened out in front of my face* pay me.
Me: HAH?! [So much for the change of heart]
Nino: You will be able to get better in the song right? I DID teach you. For about 10 minutes. 100 yen per minute.
Me: No way.. *Takes bag to leave*
Nino: *Grabs my hand* You learnt from THE teacher. Plus since this is a Johnny's song, you have to pay for the rights to it. Hora!
*points to the camera-man* You played it in front of the camera.. So you have to pay me..
Me: YA.DA.YO. *goes to run out but*
Nino: I'll tell my Jimusho~!
Me: *stop* *In my head: Crap. I'm more afraid of JE than Nino*
Nino: Yes, that's it.. Come back.. 100 yen for 10 minutes is 1000yen. Arigatou gozaimasu~
Me: *pays him* [WHUT THE FISH]
Nino: Otsukare~!

- END of Part 4 -

This whole part was simply A. RI. E. NA. I. TTSU. NO. ~!!
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23 December 2009 @ 12:29 pm
[Because Emi wants so bad to see when Nino comes in]

Nino Dream Part 3

All the characters of the drama had to meet, and I was too early.
I was there first, drinking on the coffee fiddling with the swivel chair and stuff.

And then the actors and actresses came in one-by-one.. Apparently, the girl who is to play "my best friend in school" is also a newbie..
Another "classmate" was Arioka Daiki [Srsly WTH], and some random people who have been acting for a long time but I did not know who. [*shrugs*]
They were probably from some GOKUSEN-like drama anyway.

[And the moment Emi has been waiting for.]
Nino walked in.

The director explained again that the drama we were to act for, goes around the plot that,
the main character (played by Nino) is to handle a class full of students with different personalities, a gangsta-like (Daiki) guy, a goody-goody (the best friend), an international student (me), etc etc.. The problem is that the main character looks like a 17 year old [here we go again...] and he was up against the other teachers and students could not trust his ability in teaching. Faced with these problems, Nino has to get through this phase of life or he will never be able to get hold of the company his father refuses to give him!

I didn't make it obvious but in my head I was like, "MEH. Boring. I didn't make it through to the 3rd episode of GOKUSEN and they are making this?"

Everyone was "Yoroshiku"-ing, and so did I.
But Nino pointed to me in the face and "You! You are the international student right? You look like a Japanese. Director-san, are you sure you can use her?"
[I was pissed at that moment.]

Director: Ah, she is Singaporean.
Nino: When you say 'international student' I was thinking she would be a blonde, very tall, and probably look like an American.
Everyone else there: *Laughs.*
Director: We wanted an Asian International Student. Besides, she can speak English fluently.
Nino: She can speak English fluently, but can she speak Japanese fluently too? Ne. Can you read Kanji?
Me: Yes.
Nino: Ah, jya.. Yoroshiku.

- END of Part 3 -

Now tell me why did I get such a bad impression of Nino?
I would have at least thought he would be nicer..
Oh, brain. You like to screw up my impressions of people do you?
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22 December 2009 @ 11:00 pm
Today was a very pissing off day.
I didn't manage to get a lot of things done.
I didn't manage to reply to Emi's entry.
And I'm only writing this at 10:35pm now, when I told myself that I wanted to sleep at 10.30pm, because I decided that I won't sleep unless I got the second part out or got myself some Arashi lovin' before sleeping.
So I decided to write instead.

Nino Dream Part 2 I saw myself in a small Japanese-styled house.

The this kind: (from MY GIRL episode 7)

I had to pay for the rent for the room, but the pay I got from internship was not enough..

"We are really sorry.. The recession is really affecting the aerospace industry.. There has been a decrease in flights, so lesser demand for anything in the aerospace industry.. Even us senior workers are getting a pay cut.. We are really sorry but we have to cut your pay by half too.."

"I gotta get another part-time job.."
And with that thinking, from the following day onwards, I asked around my colleagues if they know anywhere that required a part-timer for weekends. I was desperate since with the little money that I had, there was no way of getting the rent paid, or to even get an air ticket home. [How ironic to be working in the aerospace industry and can't get a flight home.]

"A convenience store cashier or baker is fine.. As long as it is during the weekends and not at night.. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!"
Pleading and lots of bowing was required since I was only an intern. That, AND the female population is very small. Not to mention I was a foreigner.

But I was lucky; I had a good guy friend there.
"This poster; I saw it on my way to work. TV ASAHI needs a girl to play a foreign student who entered the school. 'Must be able to speak fluent English.' I think you fit the bill. Auditions this weekend. And lucky for you, this character is the main character's student's friend. Quite far from the main character, so I think weekends should be enough. Go ahead to the auditions and ask. You'll never know."

- END of 2nd part -


Oh it's 11:05pm now..
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21 December 2009 @ 08:38 pm

For Aishah :D
[Sorry for the stupid delay. I figured if I don't get it out now, I will never get it out in the end.]
Please note that I'm writing it in order of how it is given to me by my unconscious mind.
So it is NOT in chronological order. That part, you have to figure it out yourself :/

Part 1

I saw myself in a Japanese High School uniform. My right hand was playing haphazardly on the white Grand Piano, my left knee folded on the piano bench while my right leg was standing straight on the floor. (Seriously what a sit-stand position, but I seem to always be standing like that when I want to play the piano and yet, is supposed to be doing something else :/)

But what was puzzling me was that I could see in the background, video cameras, those of which are meant to shoot dramas and what-not. I could hear a director saying “Otsukaresama deshita~!” somewhere and people scuffling about behind, getting ready to go home.

Contrary to the people in the back, I was playing the piano, somehow trying desperately to get Ninomiya’s Niji out. D:

- A stupid end to the first installment to my stupid dream :D Please wait for the next one~! - [I shall write the next one in another post]
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20 October 2009 @ 04:11 pm
I did this awesome quiz that I first found out on Facebook, and I really hope that you guys in my F-list can do it too. It is an awesome quiz that will make you start thinking. Actually, I did this quite some time ago, but I forgot to post it here. In any case, I have 2 versions of them. PLEASE do them okay? XD And try as much as possible not to copy answers to make the quiz slightly more difficult!

My Life According To ArashiCollapse )

My Life According to NEWSCollapse )

[NEWS, back when their hair was nicer..]

Comments please? XD
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16 September 2009 @ 03:05 pm
I decided to just use a new post instead because I'm so lazy to edit the previous one. heh =P And I only decided to write out the full thing becuase Aishah requested it. Then again, other than Aishah, I don't think there are anybody else who would read my LJ anyways.

Points to Note: This entry is a full 30 minutes(around there) worth of talk. Everything that I "see" in my dream is fully created by my unconscious mind only. I am equally clueless and pretty much don't know what is about to happen. Also, I can't "see" myself. "I" am a blurred image D: Grey colour are my thoughts.

The DreamCollapse )

OMG. I finally managed to finish it.. YATTA!
What is the name of that Othello woman anyways?
I just realised I didn't write anything about Nino's impression. Maybe I'm not at all interested in him..

I sound sooooo boring.... D:
I have to admit, the last part was very very unexpected.
Because I have loved Sakurai Sho ever since I got sucked into the Arashi Fandom!
Please leave your comments since I took 3 days to write this. ^^

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08 September 2009 @ 08:43 pm
Out of all fandoms I could dream of, I am very very puzzled as to why I dreamt of KAT-TUN. It happened quite some time ago but what makes me wonder is why I dreamt of KAT-TUN when I have been watching Arashi videos lately. D= maybe it is a sign?!

anyways, i thought it is quite a good dream considering the whole dream was made up by my unconsicous mind only. i did tell yuuka about it, and she said that the dream is quite common.. so i wont type out what i saw in "episode 1" unless there are really people who wants to read it. this post will only be abou the introduction of the characters only =D

I am the main character.
The family that I have is somewhat broken. The father ran away after gambing his life away, and the mother was killed by the debtors. The 3 children managed to run away and get shelter from an old lady during their growing years. "I" am the youngest in the family. At around junior high school, this old lady passed due to old age, and left her house in our name.
At high school, she entered one of the top few high schools. but due to being poor and from a broken family, she is looked down by her classmates.

Nakamaru = Oldest Brother
He takes on the "father" role in the house. Works in a law firm and provides for the family. Strict with his sister as he wants his sister to do well in life; he wants the best for her.

Koki = Second oldest brother
He looks scary but actually takes on the "mother" role. His cooking is awesome and has a very good sense of house decoration. He sacrfiiced his eduaction to provide for his younger sister a decent one.

Taguchi = Best friend
No one wants to be friends with the main character due to her low status. and somehow they know of her family background. the taguchi character is a kind person and has offered to be her friend. they get along well =D

Ueda = Form Teacher
I can't rmb what subject he was teaching, but he was aware of the smartness level of the main character, and gave his time to teach her so that she will be able to get into the best college - TODAI. but little did he know that her oldest brother is his rival from his school days. he will only find that out during the parent-teacher meeting, and instead of meeting her parents, he met her next-of-kin, who is her oldest brother.

Kame = someone in her class
*he wears specs* the guy she likes

Jin = guy popular in her class
guy she hates

yeah. that's about it. =D
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Firstly, for those who are unaware, OTP refers to One True Pairing. Honestly, I don't know how to use this word but, use it away~~

Recently, I have been asked this question. and i have a lot of ideas popping out of my head. so, this is where i will put them all down :D

i have always wanted to see what will happen if there is a competition between NEWS and ARASHI, the two groups of sparkles and rainbows. but obviously, i also want to see how the OTPs battle it out. XD firstly for this pair of unofficial but famous OTPs:




notice the similarity in the colours they represent?

we ARASHI-NEWS fans do know how smart Sakurai and Kato is. and we also know how smart their counterpart is as well. the battle between Kato and Sakurai will be that of wit. while the battle between Aiba and Koyama would be a battle of stupidity. but one thing is common between these two OTPs. Aiba and Koyama will drag their counterpart for anything silly to do, as can be seen in A no Arashi and Yah Yah Yah!

SO, if on VS ARASHI, the perfect example to show both OTPs similarity would be in the Rolling Coin Tower. Am i right? Koyama and Aiba would be the daring ones who would try to put the coins out of balance for as much as possible while the other 2 won't take so much risk, and try to balance the tower.

thus, the new OTPs are born.


(honestly, these look weird)

now for the next officially recognised and also famous OTPs.




now isn't this interesting? again, you notice the similar colours used. XD

If Tegoshi returns on VS ARASHI, he said he will be there again for "revenge". So, which other member has a sharper tongue than him? True, Matsujun has a sharp tongue, but someone else has a sharper tongue. and that is Nino.

the only place where they can battle out between the sharpest tongues is at "FALLING PIPES", where they would be able to blurt out each others' secrets. and they will have advertisements that go:




XD of course, with these 2 guys who like to talk a lot, they each have a very soft-spoken counterpart too. one of them goes fishing until he looks almost black, while the other eats a lot till he might get fat. and since they are so similar, another OTP is born!


(these look weird too.)

And the other 3 DoS can just play amongst themselves. Maybe "Jumping Shooter"?

So, today, we have established that, ARASHI and NEWS are actually meant for each other. New OTPs are born. And Johnny will have a lot of money. Viewership ratings will soar. Fangirls will be happy.

What are YOUR views? Tell me all about them!


EDIT: OMG. I didn't realise how much attention this post would have gotten. I went off for a few hours, and when I came back to check my email, it kind of exploded with unread emails from LJ.
so, please wait while i slowly return replies to everyone. i know the feeling of writing a comment when no one replies, but you are actually expecting a reply. so, please wait, ne :D


Thank you to all the people who has commented on this post. It is the first time i had this much comments!
AND! from these comments, there are so many GREAT ideas flowing! since i had so many comments, i can't remember who it was who suggested the following ideas, but once i found the names, i will credit. :D

1. Ohno will fish for Massu to eat.
2. Tegoshi belongs to all categories. ie. DoS, short, sings very well.
3. Any fangirl will kill for a Ohno-Tegoshi duet.

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