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sakuratikah's Journal



Life is becoming a bitch hence I will be stopping my fangirling soon.
It's not because I hate them anymore; it's just that I really don't think I can cope fangirling with real life.
Arashi sucks me in whole and no, they aren't the one to blame.
I have very low self-restraint and I figured the best way to get on with life is to stop totally.
I know it's definitely gonna be a COLD TURKEY kinda thing but I don't want my grades to fall any lower than it already is.
And I really don't want to blame it on arashi because I really love them.
I hope you get what I mean.

To put things in perspective, let's say.. I'm Makino Tsukushi and Arashi is Domyouji.
And just like her, for the better of the world, in this case, my life, I decided to break up with him.. Even if I don't want to.

I hope I will be back once I'm done with University. Because well.. I insist on going to an arashi concert :3

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